Commercial law

What We Offer

  • Drafting and reviewing all forms of commercial contracts
  • Identifying legal risks in commercial contracts that could pose a risk to your business
  • Ensuring that commercial contracts comply with all applicable laws, including any laws specific to your industry
  • Contract negotiation and support
  • Liaising with the counter-party’s legal counsel to expedite contract finalisation
  • Drafting standard terms and conditions for use in your business, as well as any other legal documents and contracts required
  • Intellectual property advice in relation to commercial contracts
  • Legal training offered in all aspects of commercial law

Why Use Us

  • 28 years legal experience
  • Thorough practical knowledge and experience in drafting and reviewing a wide variety of commercial contracts across a range of industries
  • Sound practical knowledge and experience of the interrelationship between law and business
  • Cost-effective and flexible billing arrangements
  • Flexible consulting arrangements, including a willingness to consult on-site if circumstances so require
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality and other ethical business practices
  • Prompt assistance provided, as and when required, in relation to all aspects of contract negotiation, drafting and review


A Legal Advantage For Your Business